How to find the fishing holes in the middle of a lake and target bigger bass!?

I live on a semi small lake (about 1 mile of shorline all around) and ive been bass fishing this lake for a few years now. there is no structure or vegetation in this lake due to carp that keep the lake clean so it looks nice so its basically a semi sandy bottom for what i know of. I fish off a paddle boat and dont have a fish finder. The problem is that this lake is not overfished at all but has tons of small bass. On a good morning fishing from 7 to 9 i can catch 12 plus bass all weighing less than a pound. When I catch a good bit of bass in one time i usually dont fish the lake for a week or so so the lake doesnt get overfished because im basically the only one that fishes it seriously. I know I need to use bigger lures but thats not the problem. The problem is that i know there is some kind of hole or structure in the middle of the lake somewhere where all the big bass are hiding, I just want to find out any secrets to targeting these holes without a fish finder. Ive talked to older neighbors that used to fish this lake 12 years ago and they caught nothing but 5, 6 pound bass and the biggest weighing 12lb. The neighbor that I talked to still thinks the lake is full of the bigger bass but they have plenty to feed on due to all the half a pound bass that inhabit the lake. Ive used live bait of different kinds and caught a few 2 pounders but Im more of a tournament bass fishing person and am not interested going the live bait way so if you have some kind of idea to target where the hell these bass are hiding please let me know. thanks

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