Is it good to fish where there is heavy foliage for fish?

Lakes around here have lot of foliage and tall grass growing near the bank.
I usually fish from shore and currently is investing in a boat. I’ve been told that large fish love heavy foliage. Thing is I hate loosing my crank baits and spinners in the plant material just to reel in grass. Whats a solution to this??

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Is there a trick to fishing off the skyway pier in tampa?

Ive heard that fishing off this pier is excellent. However, i went fishing there last night and lost at least 5 hooks with leader lines from getting caught on things. I did bring up some coral, trash, rocks, and old reels. But i was wondering if anyone knew if certain spots on the pier were better than others. We went to the south side pier if that helps.

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Are there fishing rods that can be used for both fresh and salt water?

I am new to fishing and am planning on going a couple times with some friends. Some may be freshwater everglades and others could be off a pier. It would be nice if I could get a rod that can be used for both. However, I don’t know rod and reel brands whatsoever. I’m a college student so It would be nice if the rod and reel didn’t exceed $60-70 total.

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Are there any places that teach how to fish?

I haven’t been fishing since I was a little kid.

I’d love to be able to do this with my son, but I’ve forgotten what little I knew.

Just simple stuff, like going to a lake or maybe a stream and catching some trout or bass. What equipment and bait I’d need. And learning how to clean and prepare the fish.

If anyone knows anything like this in the San Francisco Bay Area, please let me know.

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Are there any fishing pole guards to keep them from falling in the water?

Are there any ropes or some sort of floating device that attach to a fishing pole incase they accidently fall in the water? Im just wondering because ive seen Bill dance drop his fishing poles in the water about 100 times and now I’m kind of worried about my pole especially if I will be fishing in a Kayak.

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What kind of different types of fishing are there?

My uncle and i went fishing and he used this rod but it did’nt have a reel. instead, it was held parallel to the water and a floating stick was at the end of the line. when a fish bit, the stick would sink or rise and he would pull the rod up with fish. i was wondering what this kind of fishing is called.

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