What is one reel that is popular that you think is horrible?

I think the Zebco 202 is the WORST reel ever made, for panfishing. I’ve had the worst luck possible out of the older, and newer models.

Speak what’s on your mind.

Bonus Question : What is one bass lure that you cannot catch a fish on?

Mine is the buzzbait. There is something about it that doesn’t attract the fish, or me buying it.

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Fishing bass bluegill lures: What do you think is the most common asked question by beginner fisher men/women?

Im going to say everyday I see a question “whats the best lure” it gets kind of old and anoying but what would you say is most asked by beginners?

Oh my goodness I put those tags so yahoo doesnt put this in words and wordplay.

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What do you think of my Italy itinerary?

Hello folks, I have put together a rough sketch of my itinerary for my trip through Italy. I’m going this March over spring break. I plan on visiting Rome and Italy. It’s a little rushed, but I honestly am a little more fast-paced than most people, so I wouldn’t mind being kind of rushed. I mainly want to make sure that the places I want to see are feasible to visit and in similar parts of town.

Just a note: I cannot change the day that I land in Rome (Saturday at 18hr) or the day that I leave (Sunday at 4hr). I cannot change the location where I land. I’m aware that I’d save time if my flight schedule was different, but at this point I cannot change it. The flight and three nights in a Roman hostel are the only reservations that I have paid for though, so everything else is flexible.

What do you think?

Saturday: Land in Rome at 6 p.m., check into my hostel.

Sunday: Cappuchin Crypt – Museum of Rome – Borghese Gallery – Appian Way – Travastere walk (North City Center of Rome)

Monday: Colosseum, Forums, Palatine Hill, Pantheon. Pub crawl.

Tuesday: Castel Sant’Angelo – Ponte Sant’Angelo – Catacombs of Priscilla

Wednesday: Audience with the pope (I have a letter from the Vatican saying I can get tickets!), Sistine Chapel – St. Peter’s basilica – Vatican museum

— At 22 pm–get on a train to to Venice


6 am Hop off the train at San Lucia, arrive in Venice

9 am Walk from St. Mark’s Square to Frari Church (self-guided St. Marks to Rialto Walk chapter).
Stop along the way to the Rialto market to browse

11 am Tour Frari Church, Scuola San Rocco

12 pm Tour Accademia, dorsoduro neighborhood, La Salute Church

13 pm Dorsoduro lunch, vaporetto to St. Mark’s to wander and shop

15 pm St Mark’s basilica

16 pm Doge’s Palace

17 pm Gondola ride

20 pm Dinner

22 pm Dueling orchestras with a drink on St. Mark’s square


11 am Grand canal cruise chapter, vaporetto

13 pm Lunch

14 pm Murano

17 pm Exploring

19 pm pub crawl


8 am Get on a train to to Rome

12 pm Hop off at Rome

16 pm Plane leaves Rome

– Make reservations at the Venice Fish, extend stay at Hostel Alessandro
– Reservations for musuems–museum cards?

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