My neighbor just gave me a penn 310 gti levelwind reel. What should I use this reel for?

My neighbor just gave me a penn 310 gti levelwind reel. What should I use this reel for? I put 50 pound braid on it for shark and tarpon on the beach and bottom fishing for grouper offshore. Has anyone used one? If so, could you tell me what you used it for? How well it performed? Thanks!

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Cheep high quality baitcasting rod and reel for my son this Christmas?

My son is really big into bass fishing now and he fishes tournaments and tours the US. I was wanting to get him the best high quality baitcasting rod and reel I could afford. He said that he wants some kind of Quantum reel, and some kind of split grip style handle rod. I have a low budget this year you guys so can you help a brother out?

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What rod would go good with this reel?

I’ve got a shimano spirex 4000RE reel and I was wanting to know some suggestions on good reels. here’s the details on the reel.

Aluminum frame

cold forged aluminum spool

duel paddle handle

quickfire trigger

rear drag

line cap: 8-240 10-200 12-160

5 ball bearings

Any info is appreciated!
I meant Rods not reels! Sorry

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What would be a decent reel to put on this rod?

I have a 6′ medium/heavy action baitcasting rod, that I really do like. However, I have a spincast reel on it and I’m wanting a baitcast. Target species is largemouth bass, and I’d like to use it for heavier stuff, spinnerbaits and jigs mostly. I’ve been looking at a Daiwa Procaster? Any recommendations under $70

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Remote controlled boat fish finding. Does this have potential or should it remain decommissioned?

About 4 years ago I bought a rather large remote controlled boat rigged out with remote fish finder for discovering fish while shore fishing. I never really had any luck with it but I did at least manage to detect fish while maneuvering the craft from ashore. Do you think remote fish finder technology has improved enough now for me to make sense out of using this technique again in the future.

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