BackPacking/Fishing Trip Kings Canyon California?

I’m wanting to do a backpacking/fishing trip through kings canyon and was needing some help finding a trail with those 2 hings in mind. every website ive been to so far has been no good. I’m planing on going middle November when its nice and cold. Also is there any good fishing during November up there at that time?

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If Sam Stevens and four other friends want to schedule a 6 hour fishing trip on Lake Ontario with Reel Easy Sp?

If Sam Stevens and four other friends want to schedule a 6 hour fishing trip on Lake Ontario with Reel Easy Sport Fishing. The cost for five people is $445. The cost for six people is 510. How much money per person will Sam and each of his friends save if they can find one more friend to go on their fishing trip? Assume that they will split the total cost equally.

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What should i wear on my trip to Paris, France and London in June?

Hi everyone! Thanks for taking the time to read this. So I am a teenage girl, and I love fashion. I usually shop at stores like Forever21, Marshal’s, and TJ Maxx because i like that their clothes are cute, and inexpensive. I am taking a trip this summer, in June, to Paris, France, & London and I have no idea what to wear…
-What should I wear on my 16 hour plane trip if I want to stay away from sweatpants, hoodies, flip flops, and tennis shoes, while still being comfortable?
– What types of outfits should I wear while I am there if I want to be cute, comfortable, and fit in? (it will be hot probably… and i need comfortable shoes)

Here is our itenterary for the 10 days of this helps:
-Day 1 Start Tour
-Day 2 Bonjour Paris
*Paris City Walk
*Ile de la Cité
*Notre Dame Cathedral
*Ile St. Louis
*Latin Quarter visit
*Dinner in Latin Quarter

-Day 3 Paris Landmarks
*Arc de Triomphe
*Eiffel Tower
*Champ de Mars
*École Militaire
*Les Invalides
*Place Vendôme
*Opera House

-Day 4 Royal Paris
*Louvre visit
*Fragonard’s Perfume Museum visit
*Seine River Sightseeing Cruise
*Couscous Dinner

-Day 5

-Day 6 The Art of Paris
*Musée d’Orsay visit
*Eiffel Tower ascent
*Dinner at a crêperie

-Day 7
*Farewell dinner in Montmartre

-Day 8 Start Extension to London
*Eurostar Chunnel crossing
*London City Walk
*Thames River
*Trafalgar Square
*National Gallery Visit
*Piccadilly Circus
*Covent Garden
*Leicester Square
*Fish & chips dinner

-Day 9 London Landmarks
*London Guided Sightseeing Tour
*Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Tower Bridge, Hyde Park, *St. Paul’s Cathedral

-Day 10 End Tour

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What boat would be best for a guided fishing trip like this?

What boats would be best for guide fishing?
A boat that is big and roomy enough for 5-10 people, but not an ocean fishing boat. More for the big lakes, rivers, and bays. Good for long, all day fishing trips for any weather (so I don’t know if they make any like that with some kind of cover or small bathroom?) and is steering-wheel controlled (so the person doesnt have to sit in the back and steer the motor propeller by hand) and all that good stuff, for an awesome guided fishing trip! So what kind of boats would be fit for this? Just curious to see whats out there. Thanks!

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Where is the best place for the money to go for a Guided Alaskan fly fishing trip?

My brother and I are looking at going to Alaska on a fishing trip. I am looking for a Guide service that will make an enjoyable trip for 2 that has lodging, meals and a good time. If you can suggest some services that would be able to accommadate us please let me know.

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Overnight Canoeing Trip in Colorado. Any suggestions?

I’m looking to plan a canoeing trip sometime in late May and was wondering what might be the best river to float for canoeing. Here is a list of things I would like this river to include (If possible):

1. Good trout fishing
2. No more than Class II (A few class III would be fine)
3. Self-Guided
4. 2-3 days

I have heard that the Gunnison River and White River are options, if so, does anyone know any websites to get information?

Thank you so much in advance for your help!!

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What should I bring to a forest trip in the spring lasting 31 days?

I have listed the following:
Composite Bow
Flight Arrows (40)
Notebook Diary
Water Bottle – Flavor Splash –
Light Jacket – waterproof –
Yarrow – herb –
Aloe – herb –
Fishing Spear
Pen – Black Ink – (3)
The Ultimate Survival Guide
Waterproof Bucket Hat
Waterproof Poncho
Sunblock Lotion
Bug Spray
Candles (30)
Watertight Blanket
Wheat Thins – Snack –
Toilet Paper
Memo Pad
Pancake Mix (1 lb)
Biscuit mix (1 lb)
Waffle Mix (1lb)
Grits Mix (1 lb)

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