I’m wanting to take a flyfishing trip?

Me and my buddy have been wanting to go on a fly fishing trip out west for the past couple of years but have never really decided on where to go. We would like to go to Montana, but I’m just not real sure where to go there. I don’t really want a guide service, but we’re only 21, so we can’t rent a car and drive where we want. Any suggestions would be appreciated. We live in North Carolina.

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What’s a good Canadian Fishing Trip?

Anyone know of a good / cheap fishing vacation in Canada?
I live in MN and could bring my own boat.
(Actually, there would probably be about 6 of us with 2 or 3 boats)
We are looking for a nice lake, with Walleye,Northern and Muskies.
We want a cabin or two and just a little help telling us where to fish on the lake. Not really looking for a guide. We are pretty self sufficient that way.
Fun is the #1 thing we would want.

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Fishing trip in Austria help please.?

Hi. I want to surprise my husband with a fishing trip to Austria in April. I have been looking at the packages and guides online. However, it is all for fly fishing. I don’t think my husband fly fishes. His equipment is for normal fishing. What is just normal fishing called, so I know how to search on the web for it. He likes to sit in a boat or fish from the bank. Is this called kite fishing? I am confused.
He uses fishing tackle. He has 2 big boxes full of it.

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Jim contracted with Kevin to serve as a guide for Kevin on his three-week fishing trip to Canada. The contract?

Jim contracted with Kevin to serve as a guide for Kevin on his three-week fishing trip to Canada. The contract was made on April 1 with the trip to begin on June 1. On May 1, Kevin notified Jim that he had changed his mind and would be unable to make the trip. He also refused to pay Jim any compensation.
a. Because the contract is executory, Jim has suffered no damages, and Kevin has no obligation to pay any compensation.
b. Kevin has anticipatorily repudiated the contract and is liable to Jim for damages.
c. If Kevin changes his mind again and decides to go on the trip, Jim will have to perform unless he has notified Kevin that he is canceling the contract.
d. Both (b) and (c) above are correct.

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Reporters fishing trip off Westport good for rockfish and lingcod

Reporters fishing trip off Westport good for rockfish and lingcod
Well now I’ve got two of my Top Five Spring Fishing Trips under my belt, and on Friday I found myself heading out of Westport across the flat calm bar on the charter boat Slammer skippered by Rhett Weber of Deep Sea Charters.

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Looking for suggestions for a fly fishing trip?

My 40th birthday is approaching (rapidly) and I have been given an opportunity to travel to any part of the continental US for a 2 week fly fishing trip either this fall or next spring. I am opening it up here for suggestions. My ideal trip would be one where I could hire a guide for a day or two then fish on my own.

Anyone had any good trips they would recommend?

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GREAT fishing guide and Trip in Northern Ca. For my 19 year old son and I. Reccomendations?

We are both avid fisherman and I want to take him on a great trip this summer before College. Can’t afford to spring for a week in Alaska, looking for something great in Northern Ca.
Need a superb guide, and beautiful location and of course GREAT fishing.
Has anyone heard of either :
Ken Hoffman
Sacramento River Guide Service
We can go ANYtime between now and August 5th .
Bigger fish are better :-)

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