BEST Walleye fishing LURE in LATE JUNE?

I am going to try some walleye fishing on Oneida lake. Last week i went out on a boat and caught three on crankbaits but i no there are more because every one around us were catching them like crazy. I don’t like to use bottom bouncers and spinners i like to use LURES. So what is the best walleye lure in late June and what depth should i fish? Any other advice or tips would be great thanks. Also if you have ever fished Oneida lake, NY any tips on when where lures etc.?

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Tips on Walleye fishing?

I have my own favorite ways, but would like to hear other opinions. They’re catching them off my island right now, I know the general area, but not exactly.

There is a steep drop-off in one area, goes down to 80 feet less than 50 yards offshore, but are also a lot of shoals in that area. There is an old railroad bed, that separates the deep water from a relatively shallow bay (15 feet), the channel going into the bay is about 30 feet deep. Where would you start?

What’s your favorite bait / lure? Some of my best luck has been on a whole crawler threaded on a plain hook, and I like Erie Dearies too, but I’ve never caught a monster like the ones I’m hearing about.

Drift, troll or anchor?

I do have a fishfinder, but there are so many fish in this lake, it always shows fish.

I think we’re going to try on Sunday, if it’s not too sunny and calm. If it is, we’ll go looking for the elusive crappies.

Thanks in advance for your advice! Hope you get to go fishing this weekend!

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