Im thinking of a good set up for fresh water bass fishing?

Im thinking of getting a new setup this year and spend some money on getting a good set up instead of just a store made combo.

so ive had the 7’3″ carrot stix medium heavy action casting rod and a shimano cittica 6.4:1 baitcast reel.

has anyone used these or know about baitcast ive never used it but all the pro seem to use baitcast over spinning reels now adays.

im really just looking for good rod and reel combos not looking to spend more that $250 maybe $300 if its great quality

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What is the most reliable salt water reel for under $70?

My previous reel broke down even though I washed it etc., so I’m looking for a super reliable salt water reel for under $70 – I’m broke :(. Anyway, I would like it to be able to hold 200m (218y) of 6.8kg (15lb) test monofilament (0.45mm diameter). It needs to be able to cope with tiny whiting up to like 15kg snappers and barramundi etc. So yeah! Reliable, easy to clean, large spool size. Also spinning reel. Saltwater. Thanks in advance!

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What is the best salt water fishing rods and reels to catch large tuna and swordfish?

My buddy and I will purchase a deep V saltwater boat for retirement. I want to catch large and small game fishes like tuna, swordfish, mahimahi…etc. What is the best rod and reels to purchase for fish weighing approx. 40lbs-1200lbs?

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Are there fishing rods that can be used for both fresh and salt water?

I am new to fishing and am planning on going a couple times with some friends. Some may be freshwater everglades and others could be off a pier. It would be nice if I could get a rod that can be used for both. However, I don’t know rod and reel brands whatsoever. I’m a college student so It would be nice if the rod and reel didn’t exceed $60-70 total.

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How often does one need to rinse freshwater tackle off after fishing in saltwater bodies of water?

I’m going on a vacation to Florida and plan on trying to do a little offshore fishing with my freshwater tackle. I understand I need to rinse the saltwater off to prevent corrosion, but I’m not sure how often. Do I need to rinse after every time out (I may be fishing nine to ten different times throughout the vacation) or is it just a once after the vacation thing? Also, how does one rinse all of the saltwater off of the reel? Thanks in advance! Any information helps as this is my first time fishing in saltwater.

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Deep water crank bait fishing for bass?

Okay.I fish all the time and I mean all the time but my biggest weakness is in the application of deep water crank baits.I don,t even own but a few of them but it,s high time I learn.What are some of the best ones in your opinion and what sets them apart from others.Rod choice seems subjectional as well.A stiff rod or soft rod,what length and line dia. as well?Also,locating prime offshore areas to use them,what do you look for on the fish finder/gps that catches your attention the best?If I can get good at this pattern I believe I could catch fish that most people don,t even fish for around here.Anything you can give me on this subject will be anxiously anticipated.Thanks

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Are there any fishing pole guards to keep them from falling in the water?

Are there any ropes or some sort of floating device that attach to a fishing pole incase they accidently fall in the water? Im just wondering because ive seen Bill dance drop his fishing poles in the water about 100 times and now I’m kind of worried about my pole especially if I will be fishing in a Kayak.

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can anyone tell me the location of a body of water callled winterly pond in rhode island?

all i know is that it’s supposed to connect to the pawcatuck river via something called ”chapman tributary” and it’s somewhere in south county. these may be local names for these waters becuase i cannot seem to be able to google them up or find them on any maps.

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