What type of Fishing rod would be perfect for a Penn 220 GTO level wind reel?

I have heard of spinning, and bait-cast, surf, jetty and other types of rods. But for my new Penn reel (220 GTO Level wind) what brand and type should I use. Something affordable like $50-60. Please give the full name of the Rod, Power and Action Leval.Thank You.

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What is the correct way to wind line onto a spinning reel? (Fishing question)?

My previous attempt to wind line onto a spinning reel ended in tangles and knots. Is there a correct direction that I should wind the line? I’m using 8lb Berkley Trilene line on a new Shimano Solstace 4000fi reel.
Hey! I’m surprised I got this many replies.

I will give some of these suggestions a try tomorrow, and report back.

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