how do you operate a fishing reel without drag?

I have a bunch of old penn reels that I found in my closet. Most of them have a star-drag that was common with reels of the era, but this particular one, “No. 78″, doesn’t have drag. Weirdest thing ever. I really love the simplicity of it though. I figure 20 pound test will be all I need and I could use it for fluke.

Is there a trick to using reels like this or something? I’ve never heard of such a thing…

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Is there a way I can take apart my 2 piece fishing rod without taking my float off?

I lose tension on the line and create a rats nest. The float and weight are a bit of a pain to take off and I am planning on going hiking and would like to attach the rod to the side of my pack. Is there a trick to taking the rod apart without taking off all my handiwork?

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How to find bass without a fish finder?

I always see people catching bass from there boats and in envy I sit from shore catch sunnies with a worm and bobber. How can I identify spots of a lake that will produce bass. I prefer using live bait so i would be using minnows or worms. I could use lures but dont cuz i never catch anything. I believe my problem is the fish are not there. I do have a little row boat so i can use tips for both the shore and on a boat. PLEASE HELP!!!

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