I just brought a 6 ft. quantum glacier xp fishing rod and reel, I was wondering if this was a good rod?

I’m using this for bass and crappie fishing. What size line and brand should I use. someone said 12lb line but not sure. want to be able to cast out about 200 yds. The rod I have is for medium action. Need help please.

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I want to start fly fishing and was wondering about this rod?

I found this rod, it seems to have good reviews. http://www.basspro.com/Temple-Fork-Outfitters-Lefty-Kreh-Professional-Series-Fly-Rods/product/57509/-1022046

I want to fish for trout in small rivers. I was going to go with the 9′ 6wt rod. Also what would be a good reel and line to get?

Thank you.

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