What pole would be best for me?

This past week I lost my Shakespeare Patriot fishing rod/reel to the depths of smith mountain lake, so I am in need of a new rod/reel, but I dont know what would be best for me. I fish for everything, but mostly bass. I dont want a really big pole, a 5 to 5 1/2 footer would be perfect. And I would prefer a pole under 50 bucks, a little bit over could possibly work out, though.

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What rod would go good with this reel?

I’ve got a shimano spirex 4000RE reel and I was wanting to know some suggestions on good reels. here’s the details on the reel.

Aluminum frame

cold forged aluminum spool

duel paddle handle

quickfire trigger

rear drag

line cap: 8-240 10-200 12-160

5 ball bearings

Any info is appreciated!
I meant Rods not reels! Sorry

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What would I need to launch a kayak?

It’s a 10 foot pelican 100 kayak I’m 14 if that matters do I need registration or something and if yes were can I get it

And what are some food ways to design it to become a fishing kayak cup holders, rod holders, etc and how could I install a fish finder?thanks

Tight lines
Lmaooooooo I didn’t realize that it made me sound like I already bought it no I just saw it at sports authority today it didn’t look to bad but it was on sale for 230$ I think I can get that much for 300$ could I get a much better kayak?

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What type of Fishing rod would be perfect for a Penn 220 GTO level wind reel?

I have heard of spinning, and bait-cast, surf, jetty and other types of rods. But for my new Penn reel (220 GTO Level wind) what brand and type should I use. Something affordable like $50-60. Please give the full name of the Rod, Power and Action Leval.Thank You.

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What would you call a float tube?

Would it be considered a personal floatation device? I’m aware the weather is starting to cool off and it probably isn’t a good idea to use one, but my hubby and I are looking into buying one for each of us. If not this year, maybe in time for summer next year.
LMFAO @ “a highly sophisticated one-person watercraft built just for fishing that can be armed to the teeth with the latest in technology…”

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