What are good fishing lures to buy?

I normally fish ponds or lakes in southern michigan and i was wondering if you guys had any suggestions on what to buy and how to fish them. I’ve been having some luck with poppers, and crankbaits. I try to use soft lures but i’m not sure on how to fish them. open to all suggestions

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4 thoughts on “What are good fishing lures to buy?

  1. Zoom fluke in baby bass , weightless Texas rigged is awesome in small waters. Cast it out and wait a ten count then slightly twitch your rod. Your rod tip should move less than 8″ but quickly. Wait 2-3 seconds and reel one or two turns let it sink for another 2-3 seconds. Then repeat twitching. Play with the cadence until you find what they want on a given day.

  2. Try using Wacky rigged soft stick bait or Texas rigged curly tail worms.
    Soft stick bait. you cast it out and let it fall to the bottom, once it reaches the bottom reel in the slack and twitch your rop tip upwards so the stick bait can fall again, repeat until you reel it all the way in.

    Curly tail worm, cast it out, let it hit the bottom and once it hits the bottom jerk it up a little and wait 2 seconds, after begin to slooowly reel it in, you can jerk it here and there a few times but just make sure you fish it along the bottom slowly.

  3. rig a trick worm on a shaky head, play around with jigs and make them how you wont them. but i started on the texas rigged worm and that is always a good one to start one. just let it drag the bottom and wait for the bass to pick it up and run or slam it

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