What are good lures to use during the middle of the day for bass?

My friend and I are going fishing, but we only have time in our schedules to go during the middle of the day. I realize that everyone loathes this position, but I want to maximize my chances of getting bites. What can I do?

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7 thoughts on “What are good lures to use during the middle of the day for bass?

  1. They are lazy in the middle of the day – live bait such as minnows or leeches might do it.

  2. Most of my fishing trips are all day long affairs. If the sun in out and hot I will go with the weighted plastics such as the Zoom Baby Brush Hog. but if overcast skies I will keep using the unweighted plastics such as the Zoom trick worm or the Paddle tail worms and the Yum Dinker worm.
    Also during the hot part of the day, I will fish the shady part of the trees that are standing in the water or the drop offs and the deeper grass line that is closer to the channel. And if you have a choice in the summer always fish the shady side of the bank if you can.
    There are exceptions to this, especially when the bass are schooling and hitting on top even in the bright sun. At these times a shallow running crank bait is great and even a top water will produce hits when the bass are churning up the water like Piranha. good luck!

  3. Hi lehani…
    First of all there is no ” bad time ” to go bass fishing , any time you can get out fishing it is a good thing. For the middle of the day fishing a lot has to do with where are you are fishing and the conditions…ie is it raining , clear,overcast are you fishing in a pond, river, or a large natural lake.

    With that being said I am going to give you the all time go to bait, for middle of the day sluggish bass and that is a plastic lure in the shape of a fountain pen known as a ” SENKO ” this salt impregnated soft plastic baits is deadly on bass . rig these wacky style by putting your hook thru the middle of the bait and toss it along weed edges and let it sink . toss it around any shaded areas like trees, logs, rocks. I know in my local lakes it is deadly in 8 tp 12 feet of water fished wacky style along the weed edges or in pockets or holes in the weeds.

    Good luck and have fun

  4. Good Bass Lures during the day, Bass will be hideing in a cool place that is nice and shadey, try fishing over lily pads with a frog weedless lure or a plastic worm weedless also over tops of the lily pads, a johnson silver spoon tiped with a black twister is good for this to, also try buzzbaits and spinner baits near hear cover, and minnow and crank baits to, remember bass like to hide and strike a lure from cover.

    Have Fun Fishing.

  5. soft plastics work all day long.
    as well as night time.
    if l was limited to one lure, it would be a plastic worm and l would expect to be successful with it at all hours.

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