What are some of the best reels available for freshwater fishing?

I would like to get a nice reel for my husband for his first father’s day. He mainly fishes in lakes and creeks. Occasionally on the river. I have no idea what to look for in a good reel. What should I look for or what is a good reel to buy? I don’t want to spend over a $100. The reel would be for a Cabela’s 7′ 0″ rod.

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6 thoughts on “What are some of the best reels available for freshwater fishing?

  1. All I fish with is Mitchell reels. 6.1.1. Ratio. I have never had a single problem with any of ‘em. But the only thing I use mine for is Bass fishing.

    Open-faced (which I use) will run you somewhere between $30-$60.

  2. I suggest you get him a shimano 4000. It’s an open faced, good quality reel, and costs under $50. With the other $50, take him out for dinner.

  3. Check out Okuma Inspira or Metaloid,ABU Garcia Cardinal,Mitchel 300 in spinning reels! Or also the same make good casting reels for under 100 dollars!

  4. What Injun says is good………, one important thing get a salesman to help you get a okuma fishing reel with a high gear ratio, that way you can get the lure back in a hurry and and cast out again

  5. The top 4 reel manufacturer’s are:

    1. Shimano
    2. Daiwa
    3. Penn
    4. Quantum

    I don’t think anyone would/could rebuke that Shimano & Daiwa are THE #1 producer’s of fine freshwater fishing reels.

    In my honest opinion, a Shimano “Symetre” SY1500 FI ,($79.99), is probably your “Best Bet”.

    Very, very, close, would be the “deal” they currently have “online” at Cabelas.com for a Daiwa, “Team Daiwa, Advantage” TDA 2000, for $99, (they regularly sell for $140!!!). This is an excellent deal for a pro-grade reel. I would “jump” on this deal myself if I didn’t already own over 40 misc rods & reels, (and the fact that my wife would “set me on fire” if I came home with more fishing gear! (lol) .

    Another “sleeper reel” would be a Pflueger, “Supreme” 8035MG spinning reel, ($99). These are gorgeous reels that will easily handle any freshwater application. Their “President” line is excellent too for freshwater!

    “Quantum” makes good freshwater reels. “Penn” makes excellent salt/inshore salt reels. I’m personally not a fan of “Okuma”, but many find their reels good. But generally, if you get your hubby the first 2 suggestions I mentioned, he will be VERY happy!

    FYI: When buying a reel, take it out of the box, and “reel it” before purchasing. Make sure it is “smooth” and doesn’t make any “noise”. Check the “drag” and make sure it is “smooth”.
    Even Japanese-worker’s have “off-days”, (lol). (Japan is the leading reel Manuf.)

    Good luck!

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