What are some techniques for fishing?

Besides for where and when to fish, how do you reel in the line, move the rod (to make to bait look injured), and stuff like that?
This is in a freshwater lake

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5 thoughts on “What are some techniques for fishing?

  1. firstly making a lure look real
    1 u need to cast out of coarse then reel in at a mid passe giving it a few jigs every now and then
    jigging it to the side is a bet better

    2 bait mostly put it under a float with a hook about 30-40 cm from hook
    3 the right bait try use some bread or cheese with a octopus’s hook mid size
    4 when getting a bite the float will move around and go under water wait for it to go under water for 4 secs THEN PULL IT TO THE SIDE AND U have hooked the fish reel it in not to hard SO the fish don’t get the hook riped out of its month.
    5 removing the hook try to pull it out as less hard as possible to prevent hurting the fish


  2. Depending on your lure or bait. For crank baits I rel fast and than slow or stop and go again. For a jig you pretty much have to keep it moving along the bottom though very slow. For a bobber rig you watch your bobber and if it moves siseways or down set your hook and reel the fish in.

  3. bite should kept under a float water .try use of bites with different types .
    try to pull out less hard as possible to prevent fish from hunting

  4. You can have lots of training tips and tricks for fishing on with this kind of problem. It all depends on what equipment make you use and the materials involved.

  5. For bass i like to use a texas jig and a brown and sparkled salamander and jig it up and down around rocks and docks and such. also a plain old night crawler on a texas jig works as well. bass in the summer around Washington like a faster bait but in the winter you have to slowly wiggle and reel in the worm on the bottom to attract them.

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