What are some tips for summer bass fishing?

I have a good lake near my house and spring and fall fishing are good on shore lines but i don’t know how to fish for them in deeper water during the summer months. Any things to look for? What baits to use? How to fish them? Anything!

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  1. Well during the summer bass tend to feed on the surface so anything lightweight (non sinking or low sinking) will do. for bait.. well you got me there I only know lures (bass fishing is more based around lures than bait) but you can catch em with live and dead bait for top-water mid depth I suggest….

    1 Popper & frog lure These work great around cover (like lillypads) very effective to draw bass to the surface since its summer I suggest using natural color lures there aren’t many overcast days in the summer ( natural colors such as brown, moss green, sandy, gray) any color dull and natural looking

    2 suspending jerk-bait or minnow. these work well for shallow-mid depth water it is used to imitate injured bait-fish (small fish that bass usually eat)

    3 buzz bait (like a spinner bait but its designed for surface) the blade churns water on the surface therefore making a light sound attracting bass

    4 pencil bait works great with the dog walk move (simply twitch the line a bit while slowly reeling)

    5 shallow diving crank (with internal rattle) will attract (or annoy bass) into biting at a mid water level

    6 Noisy bait is a top-water lure that wobbles during a slow and steady retrieve it works very well in low light conditions (such as shady spots or overcast days)

    7 swisher (also known as prop bait) have a propeller at either (or both) ends to effectively use this lure try choppy twitches for more effective noise (from the propellers)

    8 minnows (deep diving for deep water) over 30 ft

    9 spinner-baits (to attract bass with sound.

    10 Straight tail worm works good with an unweighted rig ( for inactive bass its slow sinking with this type of rig) twitch the worm lightly with gentle movements and the bait will do the rest.. the split shot and jig-head also work great for deeper water

    By the way with bass try aiming for structures like trees lillypads and leafy vegetation (these give them both hiding spots and cover for their light sensitive eyes) they will most likely be in these areas so try that out first

    Also for deep water (since bass usually go deep down the lake for cooler temps during intense heat) when its too hot (say 87 degrees or more) they will go to the bottom of the lake for less heat they will also be prone to resorting to even more shady spots for this weather try using…

    Rubber jig works great during these times

    Metal jig is great for deep water and if you know how to use it you can sort of slowly reel and tug a bit in the deep water this will emit a clanking sound in the water and will attract bass

    also with a jig head rig attached all the soft worm lures work very effectively at this time such as the caterpillar, grub, tube (the one with the hollow skirt), straightail, and paddle tail. similar soft baits that can use this rig are the crawdad and the lizard

    Deep diving minnows work very well too

    Deep diving crank baits work great (the ones with the internal rattle)

    In summertime when its not TOO hot then top water lures are the way to go because in this time bass tend to surface feed its just that when its too hot they go bottom but they still may work but they will have to be able to see it lures such as…

    Floating jerk bait. this lure imitates an injured bait fish struggling on surface water. use jerky movements with this one..

    shallow diving crank bait. the buit in rattle will attract the bass efficiently and you wont have to do anything but reel in!

    buzz bait. this lure is very similar to the spinner bait the only difference is its meant for surface not for middle or deep water. it churns surface water making an appealing sound to the bass

    also the lip-less crank bait is great for fluttering near weed beds

    stick bait. is used to draw bass to surface as well just slightly tug rod tip left to right while retrieving and you will get an attractive summertime lure!

    prop baits. resemble feeding bait fish and will emit a loud gurgle. to achieve this make sure to twitch the lure quickly

    noisy bait. sometimes resembling a ladybug or a small whale will wobble during steady reeling. remember reel in constantly and no jerking also a constant normal speed!

    Popper. my favorite lure use this near lillypads for best efficiency when slightly jerked to the left the cup shaped face will emit a splash sound that bass go crazy for!

    frog lure. use in steady retrieve near weed beds and lillypads

    Also a last bait with a great rep

    The big swim bait: it will snk until you reel. its designed to catch huge trophy bass. it achieved this through its natural movement and wobbling

    Hope this helped!

    EDIT: To ole fisherman

    Have you heard of the Rapala countdown? I hear its very effective with king & silver salmon. though I’m not entirely sure this is true . as for the fire-tiger color.. I hear that for stripers it’s a near sure bite!

  2. Bruce has a very in-depth answer, (thumbs up!). Nice!

    Here are a couple tips for finding them deep:

    #1. When you are ABSOLUTELY sure they aren’t shallow, try trolling the outside weed edge. Use 1/4-1/2 OZ diving plugs that match the clarity of the water. (IE- Muddy/stained water use “Firetiger” colors; for clear water use more “realistic” colors- and expect to change frequently until you find the Crank they want to strike)

    By trolling you cover more ground quicker and get an idea of WHERE the fish might be congregating.

    I have no idea where or what your lake looks like- (wether weedy or relatively clear)- but, typically, at the 10-12FT mark, weeds start to disappear and a 6-8FT diving Crank can be easily trolled.

    Trolling is great way to “find” active, deeper water, fish. Once you find their “general vicinity”, you can change tactics and start Flippin jigs or soft plastic’s. Pro’s use this tactic (at times) to find the “sweet spot” on an extended deep-water weed-edge.

    Here are a couple time proven Cranks perfect for “searching”-

    1. Bomber, Fat Free Shad- http://www.basspro.com/Bomber-Fat-Free-Shad/product/58591/-1112082

    2. Rapala, Original Floating Minnow- http://www.basspro.com/Rapala-Original-Floating-Minnow/product/2842/-253223

    #2. During the Summer, (esp HOT Summers) Bass will move further back under docks and woody structure and an “average” (outside) cast to these structures won’t produce strikes and fish. Try “skipping” as far back underneath docks and structure as possible.

    Hope these extra tips help ya?

  3. largemouth bass? as the water warms look for largemouth bass in the shallow bays that border deeper water.During the day the bass will be seeking shady areas,such as weedbeds,especially lily pads.Try beds with clear water openings and passages through them are often excellent fish holding locations.they just like the cover small mouth bass will like deeper water like,deep points,shoals(rock beds)

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