What are some tips on fishing at Indian Cave State Park in Nebraska?

I have been fishing before but it’s been awhile. I thought as a good family thing to do together I would take my kids fishing at the river for something different. I have fished in a lake before but never a river. I was wondering if anyone could give me any pointers on how? I not sure that it would be different than lake fishing or could I just basically do it the same.

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One thought on “What are some tips on fishing at Indian Cave State Park in Nebraska?

  1. You can obtain a lot of information via outdoornebraska.ne.gov ( most everything you need).
    River fishing is my bag.
    If you are fishing a rocky bottom you will want to use heavier line as snags are always going to happen. Gravel, sand or silt bottom on a river are easier to fish as lighter line can be used.
    Mostly on a river I cast lures or fish the bottom with worms or other bait. On occasion I float fish but only in areas with slow water or where there is a big eddie. My favorite thing to do is to get in a shallow spot of the river above a deep hole and just lure cast the whole area. If that produced nothing I switch to bait. If I still get nothing I move to another spot.
    Another little tip on the river is split shot – use only enough that your sinker will stop on the bottom, don’t overdo it.

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