3 thoughts on “What are the best baits/lures for fishing in an inlet, from the shore, with a Very strong current?

  1. B.F.B is right, what are you fishing for? A buck tail jig is an all purpose deal and can catch Snook to Grouper and then some. I like to use a knocker rig with a circle hook baited with a whole ballyhoo. This is great for big snapper, grouper and whatever else is in the mood. Then again I’ll fish the ends of the jetty with a balloon rig and go for kings and other Macks in the area as well as Tarpon and sharks. Then I’ll fish the beach side of a jetty for Look Downs, Jacks and whatever. I can also fish the jetty itself for Sheepshead, Snook, Snapper, Angel Fish and so on. Everything I mentioned requires different gear and line test as well as lure/ bait types. Unless you specify what you’re after there’s not really much to say but good luck.
    I can offer you a tip though. When you fish a jetty with heavy current, always cast opposite the current is going, keep your line taut and allow the lure/bait to swim past you with the current. Cover all the levels of the water (top, mid and bottom bounce the rig.) for maximum coverage. Look for the bait balls ( pilchards or mullet ) and fish behind and under them, the larger fish are holding back waiting for the stragglers. It doesn’t even have to be baitfish they can also be balled up game fish like undersized snapper or whatever. Keep your eyes on the locals, if you see them catching fish you should follow their lead and do exactly what they do. Last but not least, do not over look the rocks under your feet. You’re pretty much standing on the only structure about and where do you think the fish want to hide? Okay, I gave you a bunch of tips but it’s better than nothing. Trial and error will lead the way and you shouldn’t give up a spot if you don’t catch a fish the first time ( or few after) out. Learn it, live it, & love it.~good luck catchin’.

  2. I would try using a super fluke or a spinnerbait. Rock bass and stripers like both of them. I would also try what your friend said or a live shad.

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