What are the best kind of rod and reels for bass fishing?

I’ve recently became kind of addicted to fishing. And I need all new gear because I realized I need to quit going so cheapy on my gear after I broke two reels this weekend fishing. So any suggestions would be appreciated. I have a budget of about $150 for 2 rods. Give or take. Any info would be appreciated.

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3 thoughts on “What are the best kind of rod and reels for bass fishing?

  1. I really like the Diawa Regal XL2500 Spinning Reel. They run between $50 – $75 each. If you can find these for about $50, then you could buy a pair and put one on a 7′ Shakespere Ugly Stik Heavy Action Flipping rod and another on any standard 6′ Medium-Medium/Heavy action rod.

    The Ugly Stik rods provide a lot of power and I have never had one break, even when using an ultralight to horse in a striper. The Diawa reels have a very long life span, great drag control, long casts, and a smooth retrieve. They are also, like most spinning reels, configurable to both a right and a left handed retrieve.

    Hope this helps, good fishin.

  2. So, $75-$100 for a bass outfit?

    At this price range, I would suggest :

    Spinning Reels

    1. Shimano Sahara ($59.99)

    2. Pflueger President ($59.99)

    3. Daiwa Exceler ($59.99)

    4. Mitchell 300Xe ($39.99)

    5. Bass Pro Shops “Extreme” ($49.99)


    1. Berkley 7′ onepiece Lightening Rod ($34.99)

    2. Ugly Stik Lite 6′ onepiece ($39.99)

    If I wanted to stay within this “price point” and still get a durable, decent, combo I would buy:

    1st combo : Shimano Sahara/ Pflueger President & 7′ onepiece M-action Lightening Rod.

    2nd combo: BPS “Extreme”/ Daiwa Exceler & Ugly Stik Lite 6′ onepiece MH action

    (Don’t confuse regular Ugly Stiks with Ugly Stik Lite series. There is a world of difference!)

    Go to http://www.basspro.com or Cabelas.com to further investigate.(These 2 companys have excellent return policies.)

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