4 thoughts on “What bait should i use to fish in Abaco, Bahamas?

  1. bone fish are very difficult from the reef. usually get out in a skiff and fly fish for them.
    However they will hit minnows on occasion.

    For general reef fishing prawns work awesome in these waters. You can catch all sorts of fish in all sorts of sizes. Hope you have strong enough line if you hook into a grouper.

  2. I’ll answer the reef part. Free line dead glass minnows on light tackle over a reef to catch Yellowtail Snapper. Groupers will eat live pilchers and cut squid. Set your drag tight on heavy tackle to keep them out of the rocks. Delicious Mutton Snapper like fish heads. When you start catching sharks and cudas, move to another reef.

    Edit: Use a chum block when reef fishing. It makes a big difference.

    I’m jealous!

  3. Large spoons work great for bone fish in the Bahamas. You need a rod and reel that can cast out far. Ballyhoo works great if you get to troll for sailfish in the deeper waters. It looks like a small swordfish.

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