4 thoughts on “What baits, lures, and tactics should I use while fishing a very small lake?

  1. For pan fish try a slip bobber with a minnow or small leech, For bass try a gulp worm with a jig, Put the point of the hook in the worm to make it weedless.

  2. I’d be willing to bet that there is a bit more cover than weeds, although weeds will hold a lot of fish. Are there any rock banks? If so, fish them. Rock banks will many times hold just as many if not more fish than stumps and what not.

    Shade is also a good thing to look for this time of year. Hot Summer days will cause fish to seek shade and/or deeper water.

    For weeds, I generally stick to three baits:

    1. Spinnerbaits. If the weeds are submerged, and you have enough room to run a bait right above them, a spinnerbait will produce fish. Again, do your best to keep the spinnerbait running right above the weeds, if possible.

    2. Plastic baits. Plastic baits are nice in this situation because you can rig them up weedless and reel them through the weeds fairly easily normally. The Texas Rig is the main thing you should consider in my opinion.
    Another option would be a jerkbait, preferably, weightless Texas rig style. Again, if possible keep the jerkbait right above the weeds.

    3. Top water lures. If the weeds are really thick, you sometimes can’t fish a sinking bait too well. Either way, a top water lure will normally produce pretty well in weeds. If there’s a lot of floating weeds, consider a frog lure. These lures are very weedless and can be fished in very heavy stuff without getting hung up or caught on a bunch of weeds and what not. I’ve caught some very big Bass on these lures.

  3. Try small crankbaits, small Colorado-blade spinnerbaits, and topwaters such as Pop-Rs and Spooks. Toss these near the weedlines and whatever other kind of structure you can find. Toss topwater frogs onto the matted weeds and twitch/hop them over the vegetation.

  4. Use bluegill for bait!!!!!! Hook them on the back so they are still alive and use the stop and go retrieve method, You will catch a 3 pounder+ on every alive bluegill, Bring some big hooks though. Ive caughten a 6 pound bass in a small lake on my 1st cast trying this. But after a while most bass will get used to it so it will slow down a bit after a month or 2

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