What boat would be best for a guided fishing trip like this?

What boats would be best for guide fishing?
A boat that is big and roomy enough for 5-10 people, but not an ocean fishing boat. More for the big lakes, rivers, and bays. Good for long, all day fishing trips for any weather (so I don’t know if they make any like that with some kind of cover or small bathroom?) and is steering-wheel controlled (so the person doesnt have to sit in the back and steer the motor propeller by hand) and all that good stuff, for an awesome guided fishing trip! So what kind of boats would be fit for this? Just curious to see whats out there. Thanks!

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One thought on “What boat would be best for a guided fishing trip like this?

  1. Depending on how much you want to spend, you should be able to get exactly what you want by ordering your boat to fit your needs. The boat that would work for me is made by Northriver. Do a google search and then look at “images”. You will see they are very comfortable looking, seaworthy (even a lake can get nasty), and covered (if you want). You can also go to their website and see what they offer.

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