What brand of spinning reel is the best for bass fishing in Kentucky?

I live in Kentucky and can catch bass anywhere from 2lbs-10lbs. I like to fish with buzz, spinner baits and plastic worms. I want a nice spinning reel that can hold a significant amount of line with 10lb test. I am not wanting to pay a boatload of money. Shoot me some suggestions! Thanks!

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4 thoughts on “What brand of spinning reel is the best for bass fishing in Kentucky?

  1. The Pflueger Presidente and Shimano Spirex or Symetre models would be my suggestions. I’d go with a 2500 or 3000 size reel and I’d suggest using fireline or power pro braided line. If your interested in costs the Presidente or Spirex would run around 60 dollars while the Symetre would go for about 80. If your looking for something a little more economical I would go with a lower line Shimano or a store brand depending on the feel of the reel.

  2. Just a bit of advice, kind of off the subject.. If the MAXIMUM weight of the fish you are catching is 10 lbs., 10lb. test is WAY TOO high!!! With all of the different super strong lines out there( such as fire line or braided line), the absolute maximum you should be using for fish in that weight range is 8lb., I’d probably be using 6lb. myself. The lighter the test you can get away with, the more fish you are gonna catch. As far as the reel goes, depending on the money you want to spend. I would go with some Phlueger, or Shimano model.

  3. A couple of other posts have suggested a Pfleuger reel, and I agree 100%! The Pfleuger President is by far my best spinning reel, and you would not be disappointed with it.

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