3 thoughts on “what do you thing is the best fishing top water fishing lure on the market for catching common lake fish.?

  1. Here’s some of my favorite:

    1. Arbogast Jitterbug (any color is great)
    2. Heddon Zara Spook (I only have 2 , one in the Black&Chrome color and the other in the Bone color…both work good. I’ve heard other colors like chartreuse works great too. Kills bass if used using the “walk-the-dog” technique… Youtube has a lot of demonstrative videos explaining how to do it, but you really learn from first-hand experience.)
    3. Spro Bronzeye- Great for weedy areas or areas with a lot of algae… Also produces alot of fish when presented using the “walk-the-dog” technique.
    4. Hula Poppers- Cool looking and fairly easy to use!

    Edit: Heddon Torpedoes are also an extremely fun lure to use and is also extremely effective. Good choice to whoever mentioned that above me…

    Good Luck!

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