What ice fishing equipment do i need?

I have never ice fished before and i have no knowlege whatsoever about it. Tell me what rquipment i need to catch fish. Every piece of equipent including bait, rods, reels, things to drill holes with, and those little huts. Im clueless.

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2 thoughts on “What ice fishing equipment do i need?

  1. All you need for ice fishing:
    An auger to drill through the ice (a 6 inch one is fine)
    A scoop to get slush out of the hole.
    A rod and reel
    Bait or lure
    Bucket to sit on and carry gear
    Warm Clothes
    Good boots

    That should get you started.

  2. Curtis is on the ball, (thumbs up Curtis).

    The only thing I would add to his list is a Vexilar FL-8 flasher unit- (Vexilar FL-8 Genz pack- http://walleyetacklestore.com/veflgepafl.html ).

    A Vexilar can:

    a. tell you what the depth is BEFORE you drill a hole (If your using a “hand auger” this is vitally important! Obviously, when using a “muscle-powered” auger you don’t want to drill any “non-productive” holes off the structure you plan to fish. After drilling 3-4 holes you’ll know what I’m talking about!! FYI: To shoot through ice with a Flasher simply set your transducer in liquid water on top of the ice.).

    b. show fish moving through your area (nice to know there’s something ALIVE moving about under the ice when your freezin’ your BUT off! lol)

    c. show fish interested in your jig in “real time”. (This is IMPORTANT! Panfish are “up feeders” when they get interested in a jig you need to slowly move it “up” to entice them to hit. The only way you’ll be able to SEE your jig to move it up is to own a flasher unit….)

    Also, (like Curtis mentioned) it’s important to have really GOOD insulated, waterproof boots. And very warm insulated overalls, hat, face mask, Etc. Getting cold will end your fishing trip QUICK!

    Curtis gets my vote for best answer.

    UPDATE: Wow! The thumbs down trolls are at it again!

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