what is a good catfish reel and rod for me?

I need a durable reel that can cast high test line far out there. I prefer an open bail reel for cat fishing and not a bait caster. I usually catch anywhere from 10lb-85lb cats. what is a good reel for me?

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8 thoughts on “what is a good catfish reel and rod for me?

  1. Shimano always work out for me. they cost a lot but they are good. trust me.

  2. i like the eagle claw rod. a good 6 or 7 footer. they come in med and heavy action. I’ve had good luck with the Mitchel reel. i fish the miss river. so i know some thing a bout big cats. and this has worked for me.

  3. well first off you need a bait caster , there the best . Buy a abu garcia 6500, 7ft berkly glow-stick, trust me i catch humungas carpies ull the time

  4. penn, abu garcia, shakespere…any of the top reel makers can get you what you’re looking for

  5. It depends on how much you want to spend a 7ft med hvy to hvy action rod will do ugly stick is the choice rod for me and reel go with a penn 6500ss

  6. well i use a abu garcia 6500 C3 with a glowstick rod 7ft and ive never had anything close to being as good as it

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