What is a good fishing magazine about overall fishing?

I am looking for a fishing magazine thats talks about both fresh and saltwater. Baits, rods, reels, just about everyhting. Don’t want fish, or area specific neccesarilly.

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7 thoughts on “What is a good fishing magazine about overall fishing?

  1. In-Fisherman is probably the most comprehensive magazine out there, but it definitely is more freshwater than saltwater.

  2. I agree, in-fisherman is probably the best way to go diversity wise. Although mainly, there is more freshwater than saltwater in there. If there is saltwater, mainly it is for stripers and such. Besides magazines, use the internet to research different types of fishing. The results are endless

  3. There are numerous books out and about on the topics of fishing, but few among them concentrate on both fresh and saltwater fishing. You may be better off with two magazines (or even three) if you want to specialize on species like Walleye, Steelhead & Salmon, etc. For freshwater, I have never known a magazine better than Ron & Al Lindner’s In/Fisherman (under new ownership). Steelhead & Salmon is another classic. Alaska Fishing is GREAT! Western Outdoors covers both, but adds hunting as well. The list goes on and on. Check your local book store for examples.

  4. I wouldn’t have a clue where you come from but i like Victoria Fishing Monthly. Anything with monthly updates and fishing reports on fresh and saltwater is a good read.

  5. North american fishing club has a decent magazine, plus they have a product test program where you test new fishing products and get to keep them when you are finished. I have tested 3 so far.

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