What is a good fishing pole for fishing for bass and catfish.?

I am looking for a good fishing pole for fishing for bass and catfish and blue gills occasionally. I dont want the prise any higher then 80 bucks. I use mostly spinner baits and Kelly Worms. And some time live bait. I want a good reel and a good fishing pole if you guys got any information please tell me what would be a good fishing pole to get and if you could put a link to one that would be good thanks.

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3 thoughts on “What is a good fishing pole for fishing for bass and catfish.?

  1. Honestly for catfish and bass i use my shakespeer’s ugly stick. Its like 30 bucks and has never failed me. It’s fairly stiff but not so much that you’ll lose your bait when you cast, and you’ll still notice bites. I’d say any $40-$50 spinning combo reel would last you quite a while. I have an Okuma thats 6 years old and works excellent for catfishing, trout, bass, etc… People like to go blow all this money on rods and reels for the smaller fish and i guess i just don’t get it. Hope that was helpful…Good luck!

  2. You could get a pfleuger trion combo,for the bass and bluegills,and a penn slammer combo for the cats,I don’t think a rod for bluegills should be used for cats too,it’s not sturdy enough.

  3. Hey i know the perfect fishin pole for you, i got mine about two years ago i used it for bass,catfish,bluegill,crappie,i even caught 30+ pound carp,it has amazing durability,strong light, Zebco Delta i paid 63.89 for mine, ITS A AMAZING POLE!!!!

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