what is a good fishing rod for catching redfish or sheapshead or fishes like that?

i am going fishing in lake pontchatrain and am expecting to catch some redfish or sheapshead or something like that. i have a zebco 202 and i know that will snap or something. and if you know can you tell what is some good bait for sheapshead :)

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3 thoughts on “what is a good fishing rod for catching redfish or sheapshead or fishes like that?

  1. i use a 6 foot shakespear ugly stick and a rovex varona reel. and also if you want a more stiff rod, the tsunami 5 stars are great. graphite and you can feel everything on the bottom

  2. You will need a long rod with a tip that has plenty of play, sheephead are very tricky to catch the have human like teeth that allow them to crush the bait and pull it right off without the fisherman knowing, and well drum the hit like a semi truck. so u better have a reel with spunk, penn,diawa… and the very best bait is crab, they prefer stone crab witch can be found under rocks, and they also like feeler crabs and sea urchants.

  3. Lake Ponchy?!?!? That’s right down the road from me! Maybe email me and we could meet up with ya. I’ve done alot of redfishing and ALOT of people use popping corks (can be bought at Wal-Mart) — Cajun Thunder is one of the “big name” popping corks — because they’re so easy to use… all you have to do is tie on some fluorocarbon line, tie a hook on stick a piece of shrimp (artificial or real) or an artificial minnow on there. You can also use a bottom rig (can be bought at Wal-Mart for less than $1.00.) with shrimp. If you are fishing for slot reds, shrimp or artificial bait is your best bet, however if you are fishing for Bull reds (big reds), use cutbait, preferably mullet, and/or squid. Some other great redfish lures are the Catch 2000 and the “Dog” series made by MirrOlure. The Zara Spook made by Heddon is also a fantastic topwater lure for reds.

    As for rod n reel, I just use a good ole’ 6’6 Ugly Stik. They are VERY durable, and best of all, cheap.

    Good Luck!

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