what is a good line, lure, and rod to catch a marlin or sailfish? Are they a rare fish?

I’m a fishing – hobby man. And I will go popping or maybe troling in sea. My target is tuna or marlin. Can you give me technics for fishing a marlin?

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2 thoughts on “what is a good line, lure, and rod to catch a marlin or sailfish? Are they a rare fish?

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  2. Like any fishing, there’s a lot to it. You can do a web search for articles, to find out where the fishing is best (there are several varieties of marlin), and the main fishing methods. It’s mainly trolling large lures while the crew looks for fish or signs of fish.

    If you want to catch one, book a trip to one of the resorts which target them (the best area in the Pacific is probably the tip of Baja California, but there are places all over the world, in tropical areas, where marlin are commonly caught), and charter a boat. The tackle and knowhow are all provided, the crew will do their best to get you a fish (generally in hopes of a good tip at the end of the day).

    Marlin vary in size, from the 100-pound class striped marlin to the 1000+ pound blues and blacks, so there’s no one best rod and reel setup. But like any serious fishing, make sure you get quality gear. While marlin aren’t rare, you might work all day (or longer) to hook a single fish, and you don’t want to lose it because of a tackle failure.

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