4 thoughts on “What is a good,fairly priced saltwater rod and reel combo?

  1. If you’re talking about spending $60.00 for the whole setup, then I hope you can pick one up @ a Garage sale, because that kind of money doesn’t but much these days, you’ll be lucky if you can buy a decent salt water reel for that much.
    Goodluck & Good fishing

  2. Fastermasterblaster has a point! You can’t get a “good ,sturdy, durable” rod & reel combo for under $60.
    Heck, a decent REEL is close to that price!

    Bargain basement “decent” Spinning combo for Medium/Light saltwater fishing:

    Shakespeare Ugly Stik “Tiger Lite” series Spinning 7′ Heavy action & a Daiwa “Black Gold” BG20 series reel. Combo price- roughly $140 with tax.

    That is about as cheap as you can go for something that won’t “fall apart” the 6th time you use it. You CAN take a chance on a Walmart “blue-light special”, but Mex is the wrong place for a “Gringo” to track down a NEW outfit if your Walmart/Kmart special decides to go “Ka-put”!

    Go to http://www.cabelas.com and read the reviews on Rods & reels for further info.

    Hope this Helps? Good luck!

  3. i would go to my local “independent” tackle dealer and talk to them. they are versed in just that question. to find a rod for $60 is highly unlikely unless it’s used. remember, if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys… tackle shops often have used quality equipment.

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