What is best used for shark fishing in FL?

What type of pole, what type of reel, what lb test line and leaders and swivels should I use??? I am mostly going to fish for hammerheads hopefully the big ones. What do they like to eat? I know they like sting rays, how do I catch sting rays and what other bait can I use to catch hammerhead sharks? Thanks everyone :)

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One thought on “What is best used for shark fishing in FL?

  1. You can’t use them for bait but the big hammerheads love Tarpon. They eat Jack Crevelle as well and you can use those for bait. Free line a live one out and it will get bit. Unless you are fishing from a boat you need a reel with at least 800 yards of 65-100#line if you want a big guy. 300# steel leader at least 15′ long. Not to burst your bubble but you need to learn to fish before you try even a 6′ shark much less one like the 14 footer you saw in the picture. Just the gear is several hundred dollars. I’m not saying you can’t do it but you need to work up to it.

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