What is the best bait to catch channel catfish?

Im going to fish at the lake noximixion spillway in pa and i was wondering what is the best bait to use to catch channel catfish.

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6 thoughts on “What is the best bait to catch channel catfish?

  1. Catfish eat smelly rotting stuff at the bottom of lakes and rivers, so any sort of stink bait should bring them in. I have always used BJ’s stink bait, I don’t know if it’s local to my area or not though.

  2. channel catfish are omnivores and I think the more natural way to catch them is with bait such as crickets, nightcrawlers, minnows, bullheads and frogs. Liked what has been suggested you can also try stinkbait which you can prepare with dead fish, meat, dough/bread,blood, liver..ect

    You can also try things like dogfood, squid or chicken liver.

    I don’t know if you’ve gone fishing for catfish before but if you catch anything watch out for the spines on their pectoral and dorsal fin.

  3. All the above suggestions are good, but also try minnows, shad, live brim (small ones), or crawfish too. It just depends what they are in the mood for. Bring as many different kinds as possible until you find what they like that day.

  4. I fish the river and I find live shad or cut shad is about as good as you can get.
    Also if it’s legal where you are bluegills are very good.

  5. You can use all of the following and catch catfish:
    night crawlers
    hot dogs
    dead mice
    dead shad
    dead soft craws
    stink bait (you can find it at Walmart)
    and more…

    It depends on how big of fish you are fishing with. I would use around 12-20 lb test for cat-fishing. Use a pretty big pole and a couple rod holders. I usually take about 3 or four baits with me.i also take about 3 or four poles. this way i can have different bait on each pole. once figure out what they are hitting i will switch all the poles to the bait. and i have a blast. make sure you are sitting with your pole other wise you can kiss it good bye. i usually take a single eagle claw hook and put a barrel sinker on it. then you take a split shot and stick it about 12 inches above your hook. this will stop the barrel sinker from hitting you hook. Also when the fish picks up the bait doesn’t feel the weight of the sinker. let your line slack a little and when it goes out set it and reel it in.
    Good luck fishing!!!

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