what is the best bass lure for fall fishing?

what is the best bass lure to use in the fall?what size and color and how fast should it be used.and what about pike and muskie?

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  1. bass-slow moving baits i like swimming joes (5in rainbow trout) slow rolled, jigging soft plastics, wacky worms (green pumpkin), bass tubes (4-5in white, grey, pumpkin) jig slow with up to 30sec pauses

    muskie- shallow invaders,slow rolled, slow jerking 4-8sec pauses(white and firetiger), swimming joes slow rolled and jerking(firetiger, perch), savage 4plays jerking with pauses(perch colors). trolling still good (2-3mph), also live suckers big ones hanging off the back of the boat while casting is a good idea.

    pike- swimming joes slow rolled and jerking (6in most colors work good), salmo whitefish jerking with pauses (7in firetiger) the salmo is the only lure i’ve been using for pike all year, good for muskie too. also savage 4 plays


    take a look in the gallery in savage lure some awesome pics

    live in wisconsin

  2. I agree with the slow presentation for the bass. I use darker colors in the fall and I like spoons and plastics.

  3. for bass i would get ur self a jackel lipless crankbait u wont go wrong they retail for about 30 dollars each but are well worth it get the original green colour with speckles in it i have been having alot of success with that one wen for ur pike go a smaller lure and cast around weed beds maybe something like the rapala huskie jerk .003 size and the muskie u can catch on just about any thing on the right day try using a global lures little boofa there pretty hard to find but at a good fishing shop u can get them iv even seen them at walmart now and then

  4. If you do decide to purchase any of the bass lures suggested, you should check out the selection at FishFreakOnline.com. I recently found the site when I was on the hunt for the fly fishing rod my Brother wants for Christmas. The prices of the fishing rods were very competitive, so I’m sure the rest of the selection is too. They have tons of lures and bait for all types and level of fishing, so you may want to check out that site.


    Hope this helps!

  5. The best bass lure is something medium sized, green, with speckles on it. You should retrieve it at 30-40 turns per minute. For pike and musky, go with a bottom diver, large sized, preferably something shiny. Retrieve this slowly as when it gets colder, the fish get slower!
    Tight lines!

  6. Well, as always there is no BEST lure, but there are some things to look out for.

    Bigger baits. They’re trying to fatten up for winter, so big baits like Megabait charlies, and some bigger rapalas, spinnerbaits are good.

    Slow. The water cools down, which limits their movement. So, fish it slow.

    Personally my best lure is just a 1 OZ rattle trap. Bad part is it needs to be fished fast.

  7. I still think and will always use my Canadian night crawlers with a spinner, preferably chartreuse and orange beads. I have fished for 47 years and have wasted my money on all types of crank baits, spoons, plastics, etc .and have always caught fish with my live night crawlers anytime of the year. I leave them long and dangling, with a chartreuse bobber and I flick the bobber to get the attention of the fish. I get bite after bite and have landed a 10 lb. bass. I have caught pike and even a muskie with night crawlers . I have seen and asked many anglers if they caught anything and they didn’t, but I rarely get skunked. One thing that anglers must do is keep their bait alive. In the warmer weather but even in the fall, I always carry a small cooler with an ice pack inside. I take what I need and put them right back . I have kept the bait alive and well in the crisper of the refrigerator for longer than 4 months. I reel in at different speeds as they like the movement and it also depends on the swiftness of the water. I live in New Jersey now but lived many years fishing the Great Lakes in Michigan and caught many species.
    If you are fishing in the winter , do not let the bait freeze, as they will die right away.

  8. around this time of the year, you have to throw a spoon. try a buck shot rattle spoon. any sizes will work. throw it out in the open and twitch it every 3 seconds, i caught a 12 lb pike this weekend using a buck shot spoon. good luck.

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