what is the best cranking reel on the market?

I am looking to buy a new cranking reel and wanted to do some research, so if you have any suggestions or opinions about specific reels or if you know about a new one on the market let me know please

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4 thoughts on “what is the best cranking reel on the market?

  1. As much as it pains me to say it, and even allow the thought in my head, the Abu Garcia Ambassadeur REVO Winch is probably the best reel for crankbaits on the market. It’s made from high-quality materials and it’s geared really low. Not to mention it’s braid-ready and has a million pounds of drag pressure. Match it to a good, high-quality fiberglass crankbait rod and you’ve got one hell of a good crankin’ outfit.

    I would have said the Shimano Curado 200G, but they’ve apparently been laid to rest… aluminum frames and graphite sideplates… makes me wonder what else those bastards have done to downgrad it. Poor Chronarch, too… it’s in the same boat.

  2. i never get anything but a a penn i have always had good luck with them

  3. If you have over $200 to dump on a baitcaster, then yes, get the Abu Garcia Revo Winch. Otherwise, get a Daiwa Exceler on eBay. You can pick them up for 70 dollars new and they are specifically designed for cranking. (Good reel for the money!)

  4. In my opinion, by far the best fishing reel for the money is an abu garcia c5. You can cast anything from bass lures to huge muskie lures with this thing.

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