What is the best fishing casting combo to buy.?

I want to get my dad an amazing fishing casting combo for his birthday but i really don’t know much about fishing rods and reels. it really doesn’t matter how much it cost i just need some suggestions on what i should get for him and where i can buy it from.

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3 thoughts on “What is the best fishing casting combo to buy.?

  1. First, beware of combos. The are often only for the beginner and if your dad know what he’s doing, he may prefer a good rod and reel bought separately.

    It depends on what he fishes for and in what circumstances.For the rod – I just bought a Shimano Beastmaster 240-270 5-piece travel rod and it’s absolutely fantastic. Before this I’ve been using Shakespeare Ugly-Stiks and they’re great too. Both rods are relatively inexpensive – you should be able to get them for around $60. Your bes bet is to drop into a fishing tackle store and ask for help. Absolutely no way try WalMart or similar: they’re cheap but their staff really don’t know much about anything most of the time, although there are exceptions.

  2. Ok well i would suggest a shimano citica with and all star rod. You can get the combo at academy. It is about $140 total and by buying the combo you get it for $20 cheaper than buying it sepperate. The thing is that academy only does this deal every once and a while so you might have to wait a bit. Good Luck!

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