what is the best fishing rod and reel for the money?

i am looking for a rod and reel combo or seperate for 60$ i know you get what you pay for but what is the best rod and reel for it money i will be using the rod for saltwater fishing and i wanted a medium action… NO UGLY STIK please.

Thank you
thanks in advance
i was looking around yesterday and i saw the penn silverado rod medium action just the rod alone and it was pretty light weight anyone has own this rod and liked it?

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6 thoughts on “what is the best fishing rod and reel for the money?

  1. Try an Abu Garcia Ambassador or Shimano Curado on craigslist, if someone is selling them that is. It really depends on what you are fishing for and fishing with, hard baits and soft baits, live bait and dead bait, what type of tackle, etc. I have both on ugly stick lites(they have good action) and I have caught everything from trout to redfish to sharks.

  2. you won’t find a working curado on craigslist or ebay with a rod for 60 bucks.
    no matter what you buy, you will not get a lot of quality for $60 if much at all.
    your best bang for the buck would be to buy a combo put together from either cabela’s or bass pro shops for about twice what you currently have budgeted. you can get one of their own brands in a fishable outfit for around $120.
    twice that would be even better.

  3. personally i used a wupen stick it was 23 $ and i caught a 12 pound shark on it its the best for any type of fishing

  4. Heard of TJ Maxx? They somtimes have good rod reel combos with extras! for under 30 (I got my rapala fishing rod 6.0 and reel with a tackle box bonus) there for 30 and they probably have them in your area if you have the store. you can usually find rods in the mens section and of good quality too. the site dosent show what they have any location could have anything. but for an amature like myself (just starting ) the prices are great. (and for the prices of fishing license $14 or more FOR A DAY) I have yet to cast a line though I can reconise alot of tackle anyway off topic here. just give it a try if you find somthing good you wont regret it (your wallet won’t either) and then you can get more tackle at your local shop.

    Good luck!

  5. you need to shop around know what you are going after where you are fishing ect. i loved shimano when i first started. best for the money i bought a setup NOT COMBO meaning i bought it seperate for 40 bucks. before tax.BRAND NEW but that was 4 years ago any way its not about the price its about the perfect set up. the length, action, power, even material its made of. i would spend 10-20 bucks more just for a much better set up offered by shimano and triumph its a st.croix branch off great brand. but 60 bucks is a great start.if you are in the la county hit me up. also!!! i like your style i like mod action(carbon fiber rods) and YES HELL NO TO UGLY STIKS.

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