3 thoughts on “what is the best guided Alaskan fishing trip for the money?

  1. What species of fish are you looking to target?

    If it’s Salmon/Trout then def go to Alaska.

    If you want to catch Pike, Walleye, Trout & Small-mouth Bass, maybe think about heading to Canada.

    Canada has more diverse Freshwater species than Alaska. And, in some cases, more pristine fishing opportunity’s!

    And it’s cheaper. And it’s warmer. And the mosquito’s aren’t as bad……(wry grin).

  2. Call where you are headed then get local game wardens telephone number call warden and ask for the name and telephone number of who he/she considers is the very best Guide

  3. There are some amazing fishing opportunities in Alaska, but remember Alaska is HUGE
    And you don’t mention what kind of fishing you want to do, open ocean, stream, fly fishing, what do you want to catch?

    Many people who come here to fish are thinking about Halibut and Salmon, ocean fishing on a charter boat. But there is also excellent fly in fishing charters in Interior Alaska for Pike and greyling. We don;t have ‘game wardens’ we do have Fish and Game Officers, similar to state police officers, and I doubt they would give recommendations other then a list of state licensed fishing charters. (they probably should not be using their position of authority to help any one local business over another)

    Most of the fishing guide businesses are small and locally operated. In my opinion the best fishing charters will be owned people who have lived in Alaska long term, and love fishing. Fishing boats usually have a number of clients they take, so you and your dad will be joining others to form a group. Unless you want to pay much more to have the whole boat. When looking at options you might want to consider how big the group on board is. And depending on where you fish out of the size of boat may affect where you can go to fish.
    Different towns are known for being great places to fish out of, Homer, Seward, Valdez. And each has its own selling points, you would have to check out each (use an online travel guide) and see which you think you would enjoy most. And then look at listings for local guides.

    There are also fishing lodges, many in remote fly in locations. Where clients stay at the lodge and fish there and in surrounding waters. Some lodges will also own and operate their won fishing boat for guests. You ask about price, and this will cost more. But it also has advantages, like a private fishing lodge catering to you.

    Sorry I can’t make more specific recommendations without knowing what your looking for.

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