what is the best online store to buy fishing lures?

Im needing around 10 new spinner-baits, a few top-water lures, and some new small lures. What is the best online store to buy this stuff without costing me a fortune?

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9 thoughts on “what is the best online store to buy fishing lures?

  1. Amazon is good or ebay. If your looking for something in special check bass pro or gander mountain.

  2. Best customer service is either Cabelas or Basspro. Nobody else comes close. If you are tight on money and have a little extra time try Overstockbaits.com. Tackle Direct is another one to look at. They all have clearance sections.

  3. Bass Pro Shops. Their brand of lures and soft plastics are often just as good as zoom or strike king (or any other well known brand), but much cheaper.

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