What is the best rod and reel combo?

I’m looking for a open face rod and reel combo. Ideally I’d like something with at least a 3 ball bearing reel that will serve 8 to 12lb test line. Medium action rod. Or do you have any other sugestions. I mostly fish onshore. I’ve been to Bass Pro Shop but its overwelming with to many distractions.

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6 thoughts on “What is the best rod and reel combo?

  1. 6 1/2 ft Med action Bass Pro Shop “Extreme XPS” series rod and a Pflueger President reel.

  2. i recently bought some spinning rods & reels at Bass Pro Shops in Ft Myers Florida

    bass pro rod – tourney special model tys70mt 7′ med action $ 49.99

    diawa reel model regal-xia rg2500-xia 10+ 1 ball bearings $ 49.95.
    i am very pleased with them

  3. Ugly Stik Lite medium action 6’6 and a Shimano Sedona reel. Best bang for the buck and will last you 10 years at least

  4. I am a bass fisherman.The lighter weight the better for me. One of my first reels was a Quantum now I use Pinnacle it is super light and fits my grip. The Quantum now feels like an anchor and is too big. Check out the Lexus rods at Academy and ask an associate to match you up to the type fishing you plan on using it for. Good luck.

  5. It’s hard to say…

    I’ve got a few setups.

    For fish up to 7 lbs I have a light slabseeker 8 ft. rod, a 12 ft’ crappie whuppin’ stick and a ultralite fisheagle 5 bearing 4 BB+1RB reel strung with 4lb mono on one spool and 20lb braided spider wire on the other spool.

    For fish 7-20 lbs I just switch rods to an abu garcia medium, or a sheakspere med and set the drag to the lines lb test rating.

    For catfish under 25lbs I’ll use a large 1 bearing eagle claw spincast and the shakespere medium rod with 20lb braided spider wire.

    I have to experiment, but there are combo’s at reputable stores that work really well, if it gets to confusing.

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