What is the best salt water fishing rods and reels to catch large tuna and swordfish?

My buddy and I will purchase a deep V saltwater boat for retirement. I want to catch large and small game fishes like tuna, swordfish, mahimahi…etc. What is the best rod and reels to purchase for fish weighing approx. 40lbs-1200lbs?

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2 thoughts on “What is the best salt water fishing rods and reels to catch large tuna and swordfish?

  1. You need AT LEAST 2 different types of outfits.

    One for fish over 200 LB’s.

    One for trolling for Kings, Mahi, Wahoo, Grouper, Sails (fish generally under 150 LB’s).

    You CAN catch your 40-100 LB fish on HUGE Penn International’s but it isn’t very “sporting” (or feasible).

    The most inexpensive way to slowly “ease” into EXPENSIVE offshore outfits , IMHO, is:

    1. Either a Shimano “TLD” or “Charter Special” matched to an Ugly Stik “Stand Up” Rod or Penn “Mariner” Stand Up Rod. (You would need 2 of these outfit’s. ONE of these outfit’s will run about $250.)

    2. You should also have some “lighter action” heavy spinning outfit’s for trolling live Pogey’s/Menhaden.Two Penn “Spinfisher” SSM Metal 750 SSm, matched to 2 Ugly Stik “Big Water” spinning rods, model BWS 1100 7 FT.
    Two Shimano “Baitrunner’s” BTR 6500B spinning reels, matched to 2 Ugly Stik Custom Rods, model USCS 1170 MH. (My favorite!)

    The above would take care of “most” of your offshore trolling, Kings, Mahi, Wahoo, Grouper, Sails, ETC. (‘Course you would probably want some bottom-fishing outfit’s too!)

    You need heavier and more expensive stuff to tackle Swords and super huge Tuna. In my opinion, I would “hold off” on going after the “big boys” until I learned more about Trolling for Kings, Wahoo, Mahi , Sails, ETC.

    The “expense” of chasing Swords is much HIGHER compared to trolling off the beach or 1-5 miles offshore for Kings, ETC.(Gas, lures, TIME, ETC.).

    Just 1 Penn International reel needed for 1500 LB Swords & Tuna is $500-1000.

    Do you really want to buy $4000 (4) worth of reels & rods , (not to mention the extreme expense of Swordfish lures,which you DO lose, ($25-100)), when you can have as much fun , and pay less, drifting 700 yards off the beach catching Kings & ‘Hoo’s? Not to mention, anchoring and dropping pinfish for Grouper on the numerous wrecks and reefs that dot the ocean.

    In my opinion, try trolling for Kings, ‘Hoo’s, & Dolphin. Then “sink your teeth” into Bottom fishing wrecks and reefs. AFTER THAT, if you still aren’t “jazzed” and want a little MORE dangerous-type fishing , try your hand at 30-75 miles offshore trolling “The Ledge” for Swords & Tuna. Oh, and go watch the movie ,”The Perfect Storm”.

    Good luck.

  2. Get yourselves a couple of Shakespeare Ugly-Stik tiger rods with PENN senator 6/0-8/0 reels on them and rig them with 30# line for your smaller fish when trolling (i will rest my reputation on these rigs) as for the bigger rigs get yourself a couple of PENN Tuna Sticks or an Ugly-Stik Bigwater Boat rod paired with a PENN 14/0-16/0 rigged with 50#-80# line and you have yourself one of the toughest setups out there these setups have been used to take everything from Marlin and Bluefin Tuna to several hundred pound sharks

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