5 thoughts on “What is the best way to fish for trout?

  1. When I used to fish in the mountains in Colorado springs I used worms/weight and a bobber. It seems to work real good. The weight is to help the worm sink faster and bobber to help with seeing when something is nibbling on it. But of course this was almost 15 years ago. =P

  2. In a lake it is usually easiest to still fish live bait such as worms or Berkley “power bait” with a slip’sinker. Sinker sits on the bottom and bait floats upwards off the bottom a foot or so. Rivers a little tougher. Worms still great but lots of snags as your offering rolls along the bottom. Spinners such as Mepps, Rooster Tail, and panther martins hard to beat. Cast across and upstream from you and reel a little faster than the current is flowing so the spinner blade turns. If you own a boat that can troll, a Rapala, countdown model, 2 3/4″. (sinks)

  3. If they just stalked the lake in the past couple weeks or even a month use lures such as rooster tails or a kastmaster (just ask somone at the lake or local tackle shop when it was stocked) but if they havent stocked it in awhile the best thing to do is fish on the bottom because when they are raised they are fed floating pellets and eat off the surface of the water but once the are released and arent hand fed they tend to eat most of there food towards the bottom because most of there food source lives towards the bottom so its best to fish with power bait or worms on the bottom

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