What is the fish weight limit that a Daiwa D-Wave DWV Bi-Reel can catch and reel in?

I got a new fishing rod and reel for christmas. If you are familiar with fishing equipment, what is the weight limit on the rod? It is a thick rod and is also very long. To be specific, could I use it to reel in a Sturgeon or a Marlin? Daiwa D-Wave DWV 40Bi Reel and Pole

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2 thoughts on “What is the fish weight limit that a Daiwa D-Wave DWV Bi-Reel can catch and reel in?

  1. The reel has an adjustment called the drag. You adjust the drag according to the weight of the line that you use on the reel. You tug on the line and adjust the drag so that the line won’t break. This way a large fish can bite and pull the line out without breaking it. The fish expends energy while doing this and exhausts itself. Now after awhile you’ll see some slack on the line and can reel it back in. A lot of the time when the fish gets near the boat and sees you he’ll panic again for another shorter run, marlin are famous for this. After a few runs the fish exhausts itself and you can boat it. Now in reference to your question about catching sturgeon or marlin, it’s possible if you have enough line on the reel, but unlikely. You need to be a great fisherman to land fish that big on light tackle, but even if it gets away, you’ve had the thrill of a great fight. After the fight and losing the fish it’s time to analyze what went wrong and fix those problems so you’re better prepared the next time. Sometimes even losing a fish has some great memories to go along with it.

    Good luck with your new rod and reel…

    Good luck with your search..

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