What is the most important fishing gear to splurge on?

In your honest opinion, what fishing related items are important to spend money making sure you get “the best”?

I say reel, line, hooks, wet-weather gear and marine battery’s.

Great answer’s everyone!

Chimp D- Well, it depends on where you are. Having good wet weather gear can be important in some States. (You know), I spent most of my life in Florida where a cheap $4 poncho (or doctored garbage bag) was more than adequate for our climate. BUT, after living in MN for 10 years I’d count wet-weather gear as a “Vital”- (lol) Even in the Summer up here, (MN), you could freeze if you didn’t have your ‘gear.

And you are right CD- Having 10 “more expensive” lures, (either Cranks, Jigs, Plastics, Spoons, Etc) can be worth 100’s of poorly designed, non-productive, lures….(and thank you for the blatant plug! Go Swamp Zombie!!! LOL)

Anyone who has spent time rowing a large boat back to the ramp knows how important a decent battery is- (see Grizzlys answer for further info/proof! LOL).

Bobber- Yes, in some instances (Walleye/Sauger esp) having a decent Finder is vital to success. Although, I’m not sure if you need

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10 thoughts on “What is the most important fishing gear to splurge on?

  1. A good battery! Nothing sucks more then rowing your boat a mile or so because your Battery crapped the bed. That happened to me just last fall and to boot my oars were junk. Its ice fishing season now but you can bet I will get a new battery and oars ready for the spring.

  2. Definitely line.

    It’s what’s between you and the fish of a lifetime. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a cheap Wal-Mart combo or an expensive rod ‘n reel of your choice, you should always use top shelf, high quality line. If you’re using cheap, low quality line, then you may as well kiss that fish good bye.

  3. To me a good depth finder with a gps. Ifyou cant find them you cant catch them.

  4. Line. Hands down. Handlining youve heard of it Im sure. The only thing people need is line and hook. Not gonna lie I have bought cheap hooks and they worked good enough. Reel is diffidently second.

    Just think tribal people use a canoe, hook, line and thats it.

    Edit:Mike its the way people in the south say croppie. Just the way we jowsey peoples speak.

  5. You don’t need the best line. Most lines are good enough if you have your drag set right.

    I would say reel and hooks. I’ve seen more hooks bent or broken by fish in the last few years than ever before. They just aren’t putting very good hooks on lures anymore and you need to replace them. What good is great line if you hooks don’t hold?

    Reels are getting to be crap unless you dump some money on them. My uncle bought a cheap one and was catching perch when a carp took his bait and stripped the gears in the reel. He hand lined the thing in.

  6. Reel, rod, line, terminal gear like swivels, hooks and of course waders for the ones who do wading.

  7. Andrew, you should learn how to spell D-E-F-I-N-I-T-E-L-Y.
    When you say “deffidently” it sounds like a kid with the flu is trying to say the word.

    Edit: The people that say croppie actually know how to spell crappie correctly.

    On topic: Line and hooks.

  8. Since you said ITEMS I would have to agree with you and say line, hooks, reel but will have to dis agree with ya on the other items ( battery and wet weather gear.) Those to me are luxuries and not truly fundamental, more designed for your comfort and not designed for catching a fish. I would have to also say baits ( artificial or not) would also be a plus…perhaps some swamp zombie lures? ; )~ Good luck catchin’.

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