What is the most reliable salt water reel for under $70?

My previous reel broke down even though I washed it etc., so I’m looking for a super reliable salt water reel for under $70 – I’m broke :(. Anyway, I would like it to be able to hold 200m (218y) of 6.8kg (15lb) test monofilament (0.45mm diameter). It needs to be able to cope with tiny whiting up to like 15kg snappers and barramundi etc. So yeah! Reliable, easy to clean, large spool size. Also spinning reel. Saltwater. Thanks in advance!

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One thought on “What is the most reliable salt water reel for under $70?

  1. Penn Sargus has worked for me for the past three years. I use my reel in a tidal area and when I got home after fishing I would rinse the reel with tap water then wipe it down with a rag. A few times I didn’t rinse the reel until after two or three trips and it is still working for me.
    I have friends that use the Shimano Socorro and they said they have no problems using it. I just picked up on of these Socorro spinning reels to use.

    Both of these spinning reels are made to handle the superbraid spectra lines.

    Even though reels say they can be used in the saltwater they can still get corrosion and it would be a great idea to rinse them after fishing in saltwater.

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