What is the reverse on a reel for?

I have always wondered why i can reel backwards. It only tangles up the line.

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4 thoughts on “What is the reverse on a reel for?

  1. I use the reverse when I am trying to control either the depth of the lure or the distance from me, depending on how fast the water is moving and how light the jig is.

    Otherwise I just flip the switch and put the break on.

  2. i use it when a fish it tugging too hard, i let the fish swimm out, flip it back on,, and start reelin’ it in!

  3. In the old days, (like 40 years ago), people would actually “back-reel” a hard fighting fish than use their drag system.


    During that time, Spinning reel drags were not the best “designed”. In fact, at that time, spinning reels had a number of “issues”.

    Anywho, it’s a design feature from another time……

    In a related story- I purchased my Ford Ranger 4 years ago and my oldest got in the truck and went to open the window. I purchased the truck without all the fancy “bells & whistles” which included NO power windows.

    She gets in the truck and looks at me and says,”Where is the button for the window?”

    My mouth dropped open! I realized she’d never been in a vehicle that didn’t have power windows!

    Err- that was one of those ,”Gosh, I’m getting old” moments! (lol)

    Answering this Q is another ,”Gosh I’m getting old”, moment. (lol)

  4. hey man what i use it for is when i am either surf fishin in saltwater or either going after the big catfish, when i set out my cut bait or live bait i will flip that off and that way when a fish gets ahold to the hook they can run with it without feeling too much pressure. i am right there with my rods so i will see that the line is being pulled off so i pick up my rod, feed the fish another couple feet of line and then switch off the reverse switch and then set the hook.

    you dont want to reel it backwards because of what you just sid it will do nothing but make a mess.

    man i hope that i helped you out a bit good luck good fi shin be safe and remember to share the experience

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