What kind of different types of fishing are there?

My uncle and i went fishing and he used this rod but it did’nt have a reel. instead, it was held parallel to the water and a floating stick was at the end of the line. when a fish bit, the stick would sink or rise and he would pull the rod up with fish. i was wondering what this kind of fishing is called.

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  1. He was using a cane pole. The floating stick was used as a bobber. When a fish bites it pulls the floating stick down. This tell the fisherman that he has a fish on. It also keeps the bait at the same depth.

  2. yea, get a bunch of two liter bottles of coke, drink the coke, cap the bottle up, tie some line to it and put a treble hook with bait on. toss about 20 of em out into a lake, wait for the bottles to dip and start moving, then just yank the bottle of coke with a fish into your boat. This is difficult without a boat.

  3. Lot’s of ways to catch fish (some are even illegal)
    What you described I grew up doing, it’s a cane pole version. they make a pole out of cane that is specific for this type of fishing and it works great for Crappie, and blue gill.
    just to name a few other ways:
    live baits floated and bottom fishing
    artificial lures (many types and many presentations)
    jug fishing, as mentioned (is not legal everywhere)
    noodling, catching by hand (also not legal everywhere)
    spearing & bow fishing,
    If you can think of a way it’s probaby been tried!

  4. Firstly its not fly fishing what you are describing is cane pole fishing, newer versions of this type of fishing are still popular but as far as i am aware the cane has been replaced by graphite poles

  5. Yes it sounds like cane fishing….but….we would need a better description of the “pole”.

    There is a facet of fishing called match fishing, basically competative fishing where anglers have a relativly small area to fish, next to other anglers and the most pounds of fish wins. They have come up with some very inventive techniques to maximize reach and fish very pinpoint specific spots in their range (and often with a very thin float).

    One popular method (in Europe) is a stiff graphite telescoping “pole” (pole as opposed to rod).
    These are not your typical cane poles. These things can reach over 30 feet! you feed extra sections of pole into the previous and build the length of pole you need as you go! Plus these things can cost a mint, over a $1000, and a typical cane pole (bamboo stick or cheap fiberglass) is pretty cheap ($10-$30) for the most part.

    check out this video to see a “pole” set up and very good tutorial on how they are manipulated.


    I hope this is on the right track, and if not it partially answers the title of your post about various types of fishing.

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