what kind of fish would be really deep ?

We fish a small lake in canada and the lake has spots that are 50-70 feet deep. The lake has mostly northern pike and some pan fish, but when we use a fish finder we see fish in the deep spots. dose any one know what they could be and how to fish them?

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6 thoughts on “what kind of fish would be really deep ?

  1. Almost all species of fish at some point through the season use deep waters so they could be anything in the lake.

  2. probobly carp or bullheads and if you wanna fish carp put dump half a can of corn in the water and than put some corn on a big hook and go down to the bottom. for bullheads use small minnows or worms and go just off the bottom

  3. Lake Trout are definitely down there at this time of year. You might find some Brook Trout around 50-60 feet.

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