2 thoughts on “What kind of fishing line is best for a spinning reel?and how much Lbs?

  1. It depends on the size of your reel.
    Look on the side of the spool and it will give you the recommended line size for your reel.
    Also the type of fishing you will be doing will determine the type and size of line.
    Good Luck!

    “I think this may help you also”

  2. Actually it depends on what you’re fishing for. You want to use the lightest test line that you can for the size of the fish you’re going after. You gain an advantage by using lighter line that you can cast further using lighter lures and baits. The disadvantage is that you need to set your drag looser to avoid breaking the line and therefore the fish can run out more line easier. This means that you’ll be fighting the fish for a longer time too. Another disadvantage is that you’d need a lot more of the lighter test line to fill up the spool. On a larger spool this can be eased by adding a bottom layer of a heavy test line and then only splicing in the line that you’ll be fishing with for the outside layers on the spool. I’m a surf caster so I’m using 4 and 6 inch diameter spools. I normally use the larger available test to fill the spool and then use about 100 ft of the actual line I want to fish with on the outside layer. You should also realize that there are very strong fishing splice knots, but you really don’t want that knot being tested while your fishing. If a fish is fighting hard enough to take 100 or more feet off your reel, you really don’t want to be testing the strength of the splice knot through the rod guides as part of your fishing day.

    If you’re asking this question in this forum right now, I’d suggest that you start using mono filament line. The mono filament should be the cheapest, and you’ll probably find yourself breaking the line quite frequently until you learn a bit more. With a bit more experience you’ll know when you’re ready to try the other types of line, but for now why not save a few bucks.

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